• Strong position in all Engineering and Manufacturing key markets: Aeronautics, Agriculture, Automation, Construction Equipment - Mining, Electronics, Food Process & Packaging Automation, Medical Devices, Metalworking, Oil Gas, Power & Transmission, Railway, Smart Building, Water Plant Technology.


  • Most of the team are engineers.
    +20 years of experience.
    Highly skilled and experienced engineers in various sectors.
  • Unique in-house ERP to manage all internal processes which enables CONSISTENT MANAGEMENT of PR and Advertising activities.
    All Mepax team utilizes the same working environment and shares the same information in real time.
  • Unique reporting solutions: you can view print and online clippings through your access.
    It generates many kinds of reports in 2 minutes (clippings, KPI, Reach…)
  • More cost-effective than competition.


  • Created in 1994, Mepax has been focusing on a single activity since 2006: International Communications for the industrial market.
    In terms of PR and advertising, we believe that it should be organized centrally, while involving local subsidiaries.
    The first subsidiary was created in China in 2007.
    We have also subsidiaries in Spain, Germany, the UK, USA, India and Brazil.
  • Agile structure with more than 80 people working for Mepax in 30 different countries.
    We save costs and ensure efficiency.
    A local presence in Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, China, the UK, the US, etc.
    Main bases are in Valencia (Spain) and Chennai (India).
  • A face-to-face relationship with all key media, everywhere.


  • We handle any project internally (NO PARTNER AGENCY).
  • All subsidiaries or authorized partners can access to the same interface.
    Information can be filtered by country.
    Our solution is 100% adaptable to the organization of international industrial companies.
  • Central monitoring has never been easier: you can access to the status of each PR (which journalist has received them, who had access to them).
    All PR material is available on this platform and reports can be viewed or downloaded at any time: journalist activity, clipping, clipping by country, and many other features.

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